These Sussex canine crime fighters need a new home to build up their skills.

Sussex Police dog handlers are looking for new buildings to help train their team of life-saving labradors and helpful hounds.

Dog handlers are looking to use a wide range of different buildings including old schools, offices and farmyard outhouses that would all fit the bill.

While building owners won't be paid for letting out their premises, they will get the added security of police vans parked outside their empty properties.

Among the buildings the force currently use include a former school in Hastings, former Cold War bunker Kingstanding in Crowborough and unused buildings at Gatwick Airport.

A former dental board practice in Eastbourne was also used until recently.

The police are looking for sites all across the county with parking access and keys to come and go when needed.

All sites will be viewed for suitability and subject to a health and safety inspection.

The force is looking for short-term agreements of three to four months as well as longer-term arrangements.

The buildings will be used for search training for the 27 police dogs, four puppies and ten search dogs.

Dog unit Inspector Diane Lewis: “We use a wide range of empty properties but sometimes they become used again and so we lose them.

“We are not able to pay property owners, although that would probably attract more people, but it does give properties more security if there are a lot of police vans parked outside.

“If we keep using the same facilities to train the dogs it becomes routine for them and they know what they are doing so the newer the venues that we have to use, then the better it is for the dog's training.”

Anybody who is able to help should email