The ArgusMarch for England route to be reviewed after road collapse (From The Argus)

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    ZeeGee, ffs wrote:
    Shaddow wrote:
    ZeeGee, ffs wrote:
    Shaddow wrote:
    ZeeGee, ffs wrote:
    Shaddow wrote:
    ZeeGee, ffs wrote:
    Shaddow wrote:
    nuttyju wrote:
    Anyway good luck to those patriots doing the march, take your umbrellas not nice having Urine thrown over you, have a good day, be safe and never never surrender, and thank you ! I am a Brighton resident and it makes a refresing change to have pariots in our City
    Oh so you're a Brighton resident are you.

    So you don't mind your council tax going up in order to pay for policing the drunken violent weekend MfE organises each and every year?

    You're quite happy for your 'mates' to boast about how much they are costing this city?

    You're quite happy that the money being spent on policing a drunken bunch of violent idiots could have been spent on the community ...on a kid's project ...on our hospital ...on outreach services? You know things that actually HELP the people of this city.

    Perhaps you and Steve Sands (the guy who has near enough been arrested at every single demo on violent and homophobic hate crimes) and the other three MfE supporters in this city should indeed pay bill for this event each and every year seeing as you are the one's wanting the MfE here so badly!
    If the UAF etc didn't turn up looking for trouble, the police wouldn't even be required in such numbers.

    Funny how you're attacking those who have a right to freely travel in their own country expressing their love of the country yet openly supporting the actions of those who are also travelling down to Brighton in order to cause trouble.
    ZeeGee ffs I know why you have the ffs after your name's to save the rest of us from uttering it!

    So this is all down to the UAF is it?...even though the UAF are a small group who are largely outnumbered by Brighton residents! Or are you just going by the fact that anyone opposing you is indeed UAF?

    Granted over the past few years there has been violence from both sides and innocent people have got hurt because of it. I'm just as much against the left using violence as I am against the right using violence.

    The problem is though that the violence was actually started by the right and unfortunately some of those on the left thought to fight fire with fire and didn't for one minute think that it would create a cycle of violence (I think they were hoping you guys would back down and stop coming to Brighton ....instead right wing groups just issue the same revenge warnings each and every year).

    The reason why a counter demo was set up to begin with was because of racist and homophobic abuse being thrown by those under the MfE banner. Then later confirmed reports regarding groups of MfE prowling around St James St looking to cause trouble.

    The MfE drunken violent idiots are a disgrace to this country! I love my country hence why I celebrated St Georges day in the way intended ...with my community ...supporting my community as well as the local pub. We had flags ...we had morris dancers ...we had kids events ...we had fun and not one single act of violence was committed. Not one single racist or homophobic remark was shouted as those that passed by the pub.

    This isn't you loving your country and showing love for you country ...this is you getting drunk and promoting violence on the day...and then continuing to promote violence via social media all the year round hoping that more drunken violent idiots will join you the following year (which never actually happens ...your numbers are becoming less and less, whilst more Brighton residents are taking to the streets to oppose you).
    I said UAF etc......

    Etc means " and the rest"

    At no point have I stated that ONLY UAF are involved.

    Try reading what you've quoted in future.

    You stated quite clearly that...and I quote 'If the UAF etc didn't turn up looking for trouble' ....the problem is the UAF et al did not turn up looking for trouble ...MfE and EDL turned up in Brighton looking for trouble instead of trying to deflect why don't you answer those points that have been put across by myself and others?
    I was correcting someone who had lied about what I had said. That's something which has happened to you already.

    If the UAF ETC didn't turn up, there wouldn't be any confrontations.
    If the MfE weren't a bunch of drunken racist homophobic violent hooligans then UAF wouldn't have needed to even make a stand against the continued growing abuse and violence that occurred when MfE came to town.

    I remember seeing the first MfE St Georges day march ...there was no counter protest ...then the following year we started hearing reports of racist and homophobic abuse being shouted at the public still though no counter protest on that year. The year after though the UAF put on an event to counter the EDL which it seemed was the driving force behind MfE. That year one MfE protester pleaded guilty to assault.

    Then of course it was the 'revenge attack' to which the famous Steve Sands was arrested for GBH.

    Perhaps if MfE/EDL had remained peaceful ...but then again you're not a peaceful group are you!
    So reports were 'heard', and the next year the UAF thugs turned up.
    You fancy actually reading what I wrote?

    I stated ...The year after though the UAF put on an event to counter the (pay attention now as this is the important bit) EDL which it seemed was the driving force behind MfE.

    So no the reports of racial and homophobic remarks (which I personally witnessed as I had homophobic remarks thrown at myself whilst walking into town past the demo) were not the core reason for the counter demo. The core reason was to counter the EDL which makes up the majority of MfE!

    Still though ...the minute there was a counter demo of any kind MfE showed their true colours and one of their own pleaded guilty to assault ...and the violence has continued ever since."
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March for England route to be reviewed after Brighton road collapse

The Argus: March for England route to be reviewed after road collapse March for England route to be reviewed after road collapse

Sunday's March for England event may be moved following the collapse of a road, police have confirmed.

The annual nationalist march is due to be held along the A259 King’s Road, Brighton.

Earlier this morning (April 25) part of the road collapsed.

Workmen had been fixing a fire exit at the Fortune of War pub, situated below the road.

The hole is located where nationalists are due to congregate ahead of the march on Sunday.

A Sussex Police spokeswoman said experts were on the scene carrying out an inspection.

She added a decision would be made later today or tomorrow into whether the march should be moved further down the road.

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