A loving cat owner has started taking her docile pet for walks on a lead.

Rosy Cherrington, 24, of Chester Terrace, Brighton, first decided to take her two- year-old cat, Blue, for a walk when her pet looked desperate to get outside.

“I felt really bad as she really wanted to explore, ” said Miss Cherrington.

“So I got her a lead so I can supervise her walks.”

Blue is half Ragdoll – a breed which cannot be let outside due to their naturally docile nature.

The breed’s passive character means there is an increased risk of injury from busy roads.

The breed is also considered to be unable to defend itself effectively against other cats and animals.

Miss Cherrington takes her cat out for a walk once a week in Blakers Park, near Fiveways.

She said: “I get the weirdest looks from people but I only go when it’s quiet anyway to avoid dog walkers and children.”

The PDSA said 31% of inner-city cat owners keep their cats indoors, compared with less than 16% in rural or suburban areas where they can roam free.