A DENTIST is more than half way through her 500-mile fundraising walk.

Christina Chatfield is walking from Scotland to Brighton to raise awareness of mouth cancer.

She is 21 days and around 370 miles through the 500 Miles for Smiles walk and she said the challenge is beginning to take its toll on her physically.

She said: “I’ve got shin splints in one leg and blisters on my heels but you can’t rest when you’ve got so far to go.”

Ms Chatfield’s main goal is to lobby for a male vaccination for mouth cancer.

Another aim of the walk is to highlight the benefits of having a healthy mouth and issues including how the HPV virus has a link to oral cancer.

Ms Chatfield said she is enjoying the experience of the walk and has had some company along the way.

She said: “I’ve had a lot of people walking with me on the way, a woman from one of the dental companies in Ireland who is six months pregnant walked six miles with me.

“When you’ve got people walking with you it’s great.

“I think there are lots of people who would love to do what I’m doing, it’s really a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Ms Chatfield is in very good spirits for someone who has been on the road for 18 days, but is missing some home comforts.

She said: “I had to strip off and take all my dirty washing to a laundrette so I’m missing some clean clothes.

“I’m really missing Brighton Beach, I’ve walked along the seafront every day since October 2011 and I think it’s one of the most spectacular places around.”

Ms Chatfield is expecting to finish the walk on Monday, June 19, on her beloved Brighton seafront.