A SOCIAL enterprise which employs people with disabilities is offering bargain deals for stag and hen parties and sports teams.

Supportive employer Able and Willing, based in Brighton, carries out printing, embroidery and assembly.

Able and Willing employs people with disabilities for the shop floor with the aim of encouraging them towards mainstream employment.

The enterprise, owned by Brighton and Hove City Council, has teamed up with The Argus Card to offer discount deals.

Card holders can get T-shirts for £5, mugs for £3 and 10% off all printing.

Manager Jeff White said: “Some staff are part-time, some full-time, but every-one gets a decent wage.

“We’re a factory unit and don’t have a retail outlet so we’re set up for orders of 35 to 50 items.

“If you’re a hen or stag party or a rugby team then that’s perfect.

“The Argus Card scheme is a great idea. I love a loyalty card – the first thing I did was to check which restaurants I could get a discount at.”

The Argus Card gives a range of discounts at restaurants, shops, salons and other businesses.

To activate your card and view all available discounts, visit www.the argus.co.uk/the_argus_card/ or call 0500 101 606