A jetski owner watched on helplessly as his 4x4 rolled into the water at a harbour and slowly sank.

The man watched on in horror with his pet dog as the brakes on his Honda CRV failed and the vehicle and its trailer rolled into Littlehampton Harbour.

The watersports enthusiast was reversing his car down Fisherman’s Quay in Littlehampton Harbour to collect his jetski but the brakes on the car failed and the vehicle continued to roll down the slope at about 9.15pm on Monday.

Lifeboat crew were on the scene for almost three hours helping to retrieve the waterlogged vehicle.

Nick White, lifeboat operations manager at RNLI Littlehampton, said: “Our guys kitted up and went into the water.

“The 4x4 was in about 20 yards from the edge of the water but it was quite difficult to run the lines to the car because we couldn’t see that far in the water and had to do it all by feel.

“We were concerned with the ebb of the tide that the car could be washed in deeper so we were keen to secure the car.

“Fortunately the car owner had another vehicle with a bit of grunt and was able to pull it clear.

“The brakes were still jammed down so we had to free them once the car came out of the water.

“I am no mechanic but I would guess the car is a write-off.”

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