A courageous couple have been awarded after saving a rape victim for a horrific attack.

Lisa Barnard and Damien Hawkins stepped in when they came across a woman being attacked in Badger's Way, East Grinstead. 

She had been forced to the ground and raped - with the attacker holding a broken bottle to her throat.

They have now been awarded the silver medal in the Police Public Bravery Awards 2014 at a ceremony at the Old Swan Hotel in Harrogate. 

Damien stood between the victim and the attacker while Lisa stood as a human shield, wrapping her arms around the female. 

They refused to leave, remaining with the victim trying to diffuse the situation. The offender, at one point, held the broken bottle up to Damien's throat.

The victim then managed to escape and ran away into a nearby housing estate.

Mid-Sussex District police commander, Chief Inspector Simon Beardwell, said; ""Lisa and Damien acted with great presence of mind and their prompt action saved the victim from further attack."

Tyrone Carr, 27, of High Street, East Grinstead, was sentenced to 15 years for the June 1 2013 attack.