TRAVELLERS moved on to a popular park at noon today.

A total of 24 vehicles arrived at Rottingdean Recreation Ground, to the north of Rottingdean village, after travellers left land in Pyecombe.

Simon Kirby, Conservative MP for Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven (pictured), called on the police and Brighton and Hove City Council to move the travellers on.

Mr Kirby said: “People are rightly fed up with these constant unauthorised incursions by travellers into their neighbourhoods.

“The encampment at Happy Valley Park was moved on promptly and I have asked for similar action this time.

“I shall continue to press the local authorities until this matter is resolved.”

Ward councillor Lynda Hyde felt travellers were directed to the site after hearing a gate was left open.

The council has said it is investigating the claim made concerning the open gate.

Coun Hyde added: “There are many elderly residents living in homes backing on to the park and they are petrified in their own homes now.”

A spokesman for Brighton and Hove City Council said: “A group of travellers and English gypsies, with about 24 lived-in vehicles, vacated land in Pyecombe, West Sussex, and moved on to Rottingdean Recreation Ground.

“A joint visit, with the police, was made yesterday.

“Officers are working closely with the Police to determine the most appropriate course of action, in relation to this encampment. All enforcement options remain under review.

“Officers will continue to work closely with the police to deal with any issues arising or support required.”

A police spokeswoman said: “Officers made a joint agency visit with the council. The council is considering what action it may take.”