Beachgoers are soaking up the sun before downpours ruin the bright skies on Saturday.

Temperatures have soared to a scorching 22 degrees this week – and will stay for the next few days, a spokesman for the Met Office said.

He said: “The weather in Brighton over the next few days mostly looks pretty decent.”

But the dark cloud on the horizon is Saturday’s forecast, with rain predicted for most of the day.But the sun should return on Sunday.

David Sewell, chairman of the North Laine Traders Association, said: “Nice sunny weather is what we want. It gets people into town.

“As long as it doesn’t rain all day, a bit of rain on Saturday could be good. The odd shower takes people off the beach and into the shops.”

The warmest UK weather so far this year was 27 degrees in Fife, Scotland, on June 18.

It is unlikely that anywhere in Sussex will beat the record over the coming week, although areas in the north of the county around Crawley are predicted to come close.