Church leaders have published a report into the sexual abuse by a Cathedral steward over three decades.

The Diocese of Chichester has published a report which was produced ten years ago in the wake of the conviction of Terence Banks.

Banks, who had a long association with Chichester Cathedral and had risen to the role of head steward, was convicted in 2001 for 32 sexual offences against 12 boys over 29 years.

Bishop of Chichester Dr Martin Warner said the report was being published now to “shed light on past events, to aid learning, build trust and foster openness” but not to cause “further pain”.

The CARMI Report, which was received by church leaders in 2004, followed an investigation by Sussex Police and was commissioned by the former Bishop of Chichester The Rt Rev’d Dr John Hind, review after the Banks trial.

Dr Warner said: "First and foremost our thoughts are with the survivors and their families.

“The effects of abuse can last a lifetime and the passing of the years may or may not have resulted in any kind of healing.

“As Christians we are profoundly ashamed of abuse that has happened in church or church institutions.

“We extend our most sincere apologies to all survivors and their families, though we know that this can never repair the damage done.

"It is our sincere hope that those affected by these crimes will regard the publication of the Report as a positive step.

“In this way, the publication is intended to reinforce our commitment to a continuous review of our safeguarding practices and procedures."

Anyone seeking support is invited to speak to Colin Perkins or Morag Keane from the Diocese of Chichester Safeguarding Team, or to directly contact the Saturn Centre in Crawley, which provides a range of services for anyone over the age of 14 who is a victim of sexual abuse.