A sheep adventure of epic proportions will be made into a film as one lucky ewe makes her way across the Channel.

French artist Philémon Varnolé arrived in Newhaven last week to begin his hunt for an English sheep to be part of his new project - which will see one sheep from the Sussex town exchanged with one from Dieppe in France.

He is appealing for any farmers or breeders in the town to get in touch with him and supply a willing sheep.

Both sheep will have cameras strapped on their backs as they go through the motions of making the journey across the channel.

Mr Varnolé hopes his “absurd” Sheep Ship project will answer questions of whether “the grass is greener” on the other side and see whether the flocks are “open minded” enough to accept strangers.

He said: “What is interesting in this project is to know if it is even possible to do it.

“I hope Sheep Ship project will succeed, but it will be a long adventure.

“Even if two breeders follow me it's also an administrative long process.

“We know that it's possible for pets to travel abroad, for horses too, but for sheep, with all the diseases, with the national and European rules, will it be okay?”

He added: “The sheep could be a lamb or a ewe.

“The race is not important but I like the idea that a black sheep could be exchanged with a white one.

“The sheep must have a number and must be recorded by authorities.

“If a breeder is interested by this project they can contact me.

“It will be an honour for me to export his animal abroad and give him a French one instead.”

Mr Varnolé has previously worked with animals on projects, including travelling to Macedonia with a donkey strapped with solar panels. He believed animals are an “open symbol” for art.

The Sheep Ship project will see its conclusion at the Diep Haven Festival in July 2015 where the sheep’s film will be presented.

Anyone interested in getting involved should contact Mr Varnolé on 00 33 6 87 43 85 81.