Scores of jobs in Brighton have been axed and outsourced to India, according to a union.

Unite said 63 jobs at the RBS business banking support unit on Preston Road would be "offshored".

The union said the workers who would lose their jobs to a “vicious cost-cutting measure” were mostly support staff with years of experience and ties to Brighton.

RBS, which is 82 per cent owned by the UK taxpayer, received a £46 billion government bailout in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis.

The bank has cut 30,000 jobs since 2008 and has projected to lose many more following a massive restructuring programme that is currently underway after full-year losses to the tune £8.2 billion.

Unite national officer Rob MacGregor said: “We were told when the losses were announced in February that the bank would be slimmed down to be more UK- focused and that it would place greater emphasis on the UK consumer.

“But here we are five months later and the bank is taking jobs out of the UK and sending them to India. There are indications that this maybe the start of a programme of continued offshoring.

“This decision by RBS is a clear kick in the teeth to the loyal and experienced workforce in Brighton, as well as an assault on UK taxpayers who bailed out the bank.”