A fierce lightning bolt struck the roof of a house in the early hours of the morning.

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service said a property in Mile Oak Road, Portslade, was hit at about 2am.

The strike caused significant damage to the property's roof, which caught fire. The property's elderly occupants were rushed outside and spent the night in a neighbour's home.

Abbey Miles, 23, was also in the house. She said: "It woke us all up. We heard a huge crash from the back of the house, smoke came billowing out and my granddad started trying to get into the loft.

"I ran out into the street screaming  and a neighbour came across and came inside to help get my granddad and nan out the house.

"We all went to the other side of the street and called the fire brigade. It was terrible when we heard it, I was so scared."