A man in his seventies has died after falling from the seventh floor of a block of flats.

Police were called to the Park Royal residential block, in Motpelier Road, Brighton, at around 9.45am this morning.

A resident, who asked not to be named, said: “I just popped in from work and asked a police officer what was going on.

“Apparently the person jumped from the sixth floor, it’s shocking really.”

“There are six police cars and an ambulance here and it looks like the forensics.

“There is a cover over the body, it doesn’t look good.”

Sussex Police said in a statement: "At 9.44am on Thursday (31 July) police were called to Park Royal Flats in Montpelier Road, Brighton, where a man in his 70s had fallen from a seventh floor window and sustained fatal injuries.

"The circumstances are being investigated. The coroner has been informed."

A resident of the block, Mary said: " I didn't hear a thing until the police cars arrived.

"It all happened very quickly, they covered the body and the man was taken away and they were gone.

"It looks like he fell from the top floor of the corner flat. I don't know the circumstances. It is just very sad."

Another woman, who lives in the adjacent block, who also did not want to be named, said "It's such a nice area around here, it is normally very quiet. You don't expect something like this to happen near where you live. There are six floors on each flat and it looks like he came from the top. It's very sad.

"They are all privately owned but I'm not sure who it was. You speak to these people one day and they are gone the next."