AN 80-year-old grandmother went for the ride of her life on the back of a Harley Davidson.

Retired Post Office worker Margaret Dendy, from Seaford, was granted her lifelong wish to go for a spin on a Hog as an 80th birthday treat from her grandchildren Katie and Joe Watson.

Mrs Dendy dreamed of riding a Harley after her late husband George took her for rides on the back of his motorbike when they were teenagers.

Miss Watson said: “We got her the trip as a surprise for her 80th birthday. She loved it but all her friends said she was mad.

“She went off for a two-hour trip through Kent and around the M25 and through the countryside.

“Going on a Harley is something that’s always been on her wish list.

“Her husband – my grandfather – used to have a motorbike when they were younger and she used to love going on the back of that.

“It was a nice way to remember him.

“She’s a pretty cool grandmother.”