The first person in Brighton jailed for breaching a new domestic violence protection order has been sent back to prison today after breaching his order again.

Kahal Sene, 43, of Sillwood Road, Brighton has been sent to prison for a further 28 days today for his second breach of the Domestic Violence Protection Order (DVPO).

The new law, which came into force in June this year, gives police new powers to give extra protection to victims of domestic abuse. Kahal Sene was givena Domestic Violence Protection Notice, stopping him making any contact with the victim.

Sene was given a 28-day order on July 4, but just 10 days later on July 14, he breached the condition of making contact the victim.

At Brighton Magistrate' Court he was sentenced to one month in prison.

Sene was released from HMP Winchester on July 28 and immediately contacted the victim again, despite the order remaining in place until July 31.

Detective Constable Paul Hitchcock of Brighton's Safeguarding and Investigations Unit said: "A second custodial sentence of four weeks shows how seriously the courts take breaches of this kind.

"Sussex Police apply for DVPO's at local magistrates courts and enforce them rigorously as they are a vital tool in ensuring the safety of victims of domestic abuse."