LOW-income families were given a helping hand at a community lunch club.

Space At The Table (SATT) welcomed families for lunch and entertainment at the Church of the Ascension in Bramber Avenue, Peacehaven.

The project, which is one of several run by the Anne Bickmore Children’s Fund (abcfund), feeds families and children who are entitled to free school meals during the holiday.

Children ate lunch with the Mayor of Peacehaven, Councillor Robbie Robertson and the Mayor of Telscombe Cliffs, Councillor Wayne Botting.

Anne Bickmore, chair of the abcfund, said: “Thank you to all the families for coming, the hardworking church volunteers, the police, Telscombe Community Church and all the fundraisers. There is another lunch club running on Tuesday, August 26.”

If you are able to fund a place, costing only £2.50, or would like to be included, please visit abcfund.org or email satt.project@gmail.com