A workman has fallen from Eastbourne Pier.

The emergency services were called to the fire hit attraction at 4.10pm to a report of a man who had fallen onto the beach. 

Workmen have been working at the seafront attaction after a fire ripped through the historic structure on July 30.

An air ambulance landed on the east side of the pier as a paramedics worked on the man.

Contractor MP Marine Ltd have been employed to work at the pier but it hasn't been confirmed that the man worked for the firm.

Police said the man was being treated for a serious head injury. He has been flown to hospital in a life threatening condition.

Gary Seaman, who was visiting Eastbourne on a day trip, said: “We were walking towards the pier and saw the air ambulance had landed.

“Other people were saying around us a worker had fallen backwards onto the beach below.

“The ground ambulance arrived and an orange tent was popped up.

“The air ambulance flew away and the police still have the scene cordoned off and we saw a couple of official looking guys in suits at the scene.

“We have just come down for a day and we just happened to see it unfolding – it is very sad after what all that has happened to the pier in recent weeks.” 

The Health and Safety Executive has been informed as the man was working on the pier.