AN unusual message in a bottle has “washed up” on Brighton and Hove’s shore.

Contortionist Odka appeared on the pebbled beach of Hove Lawns en route to a stint at Zippos Circus starting that evening.

Waiting to greet her were Zippos ringmaster Norman Barrett and two Rastelli circus clowns.

Odka, an 18-year-old from Mongolia, was chosen to appear on the Zippos Circus tour because of her artistry.

As well as squeezing herself into a bottle, she pulls a variety of shapes, including putting her legs backwards up and over the top of her head.

Martin Burton is the owner and founder of Zippos Circus and is pleased he could bring her into the fold.

His wife, Julia Knight, also has great admiration for her skills.

She said: “With some contortionists it looks hideous but with those from Mongolia it looks elegant.

“It’s an art form in Mongolia.”

She said the majority of contortionists are women because they are more flexible than men.

Zippos has an ongoing relationship with the Mongolian State Circus.

Mr Burton said: “It’s fantastic to have a world-class contortionist join our circus.

“For the dads there is some glamour while the mums will be amazed.

“And kids will love the comedy and excitement of it all.”

Mr Burton founded the circus 35 years ago.

And its ringmaster Norman Barrett, 78, is about to enter the Guinness World Record books as the longest-serving ringmaster ever.

He started in 1952 and worked at Blackpool Tower Circus for 30 years.

He went to New York before joining Zippos 12 years ago.

The Rastelli clowns are part of a troupe from Italy and are a new addition this year.

The circus runs on Hove Lawns until Tuesday, September 2.

The 2014 show of Zippos Circus, called Unchained, features contortion, juggling, clowning and feats of strength.

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