A TOURETTE’S sufferer claims he was forced to move house twice after being kicked off a bus on his way to work.

Louis Bunn moved from his Brighton home to Eastbourne after it became “impossible” to use public transport.

The Argus reported yesterday how the 23-year-old was banned from his local bingo hall after suffering an attack of tics, which typically lead to him shouting obscenities and making jerking movements.

He said: “There is still a lot of misunderstanding with Tourette’s. People think I’m being rude and abusive but I just can’t help it. The more I get anxious and stressed the more I tic. I just want people to understand.”

Mr Bunn used to live in Brighton and commute by bus or train each day to the I Vintage coffee shop he runs in Willingdon Road, Eastbourne.

Two incidents in which he was thrown off Brighton and Hove Buses beause of his tics have led him to relocate closer to work.

Earlier this summer, he was thrown off the bus when he starting to tic and shout an obscene word.

He said: “I tried to tell [the bus driver] but he refused to move the bus until I was off. He called for a supervisor to come and they took me in the car to where I needed to go. The same happened again and I get the same when I’m on the train. While Tourette’s is a neurological illness, it is also a social anxiety thing and it is especially bad on public transport.”

He said he has had to increase his medication after people started to mock him when newspapers reported he was banned from the bingo hall.

He said: “When people come to the cafe I try to help them understand. I tell them straight away what it is. It’s about being open and honest.”

Martin Harris, managing director of Brighton and Hove Buses, said: “We provide training on a whole range of disabilities and the advice we give drivers is to be understanding and appreciative of conditions customers may have. But it is a very difficult job.

“This week we have launched our new handi cards which customers can discreetly show to the driver to inform them of any difficulties they have or need assistance with. I would invite the gentleman to contact our customer services so we can get him back using the bus as soon as possible.”