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Is singer right in calling Blair Bush’s poodle?

Pop star George Michael has caused upset with his song, mocking Tony Blair's alleged sucking-up to George W Bush. Has the former Wham! frontman raised valid points about the "special relationship" or is it just a cynical ploy to sell records? Our controversial columnists RUPERT SMYTHE and RACHEL BRADMAN discuss ...


By Rupert Smythe

THANKS but no thanks faded pop "star" George Michael the next time I want your ill-formed opinions, I'll ask for them.

His latest offering, a so-called political satire on the nature of our special relationship with the USA, is no more than an immature diatribe on nothing in particular.

I took the liberty of reading his lyrics before putting quill to paper on this and I can report our premier Tony Blair will not be troubled by such carefully-crafted lines as: "That's why I'm always gettin' stoned yeah. That's why I'm out there havin' fun again."

Iambic pentameters they are not.

It doesn't take a political sketch writer to tell you it is highly unlikely empires will crumble under the weight of this sixth form sentiment.

But there is a wider problem here. Let's not forget we are, in effect, still a nation at war.

The threat of global terror must not be taken lightly and it is essential our elected representatives keep up the pressure.

Liberal commentators' accusations of Blair acting as Bush's poodle are mere piffle and should be disregarded.

At times like this, we have to stand shoulder to shoulder with our civilised colleagues in the west and fight those whose sole aim it is to destroy our world.

What we don't need is some bone head like George Michael undermining all we have worked so hard to achieve in our mission to bring peace where there is terror.

I have one final question to put to Mr Michael: "Why didn't you release your song in the States?"


By Rachel Bradman

Maybe, if music and politics were fused together, more people would take more interest in the world's problems.

George Michael's latest pop single may have forced him to flee his Los Angeles home but there are some valid points in what he is singing.

The video for Shoot the Dog portrays Tony Blair as George Bush's poodle which, let's be honest, he often is.

Every time there is conflict in the world we help the US with troops and weaponry, often putting our country's sons on the front line of what is essentially an American war.

The possible bombing of Iraq is not an issue to be taken lightly and if music sparks people's interest in the complicated situation of the Middle East, then it can only be a good thing.

However, invading another nation as part of the so-called War on Terror should not be done purely because it gives us brownie points with America.

It should be the last resort, if all other options fail. We should not be dragged into it just to stop the transatlantic boat from rocking.

How long can we continue to hang on to the coat-tails of America and find ourselves torn between big brother Uncle Sam and the more economically advantageous, and closer, European Union?

Maybe proto-president Blair should look at what the people of our nation want rather than what America wants?

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