Argus editor Michael Beard is preparing for an epic charity climb to Everest Base Camp.

He will brave bone-chilling temperatures, debilitating altitude sickness and unparalleled levels of exhaustion in an attempt to raise £2,000 for the Argus Appeal.

Following months of gruelling training and tedious organising, the newspaper boss is now turning to you to help him over the line.

He said: “I’ve never done anything like it before but I wanted to do something that would challenge me and hopefully raise a lot of money.

“Over the years the Argus Appeal has donated tens of thousands to good causes and I’m appealing to our readers to donate whatever they can.

“Thanks to our sponsors, Legal and General, I can guarantee that every penny given will go to charity.”

Joining Michael on the epic trek will be Phil Frier, the former principal of City College , Clare Rogers, the manager of the Treatment Rooms Spa in Brighton, and Steve Allen, founder of Prime Care Community Services Limited.

The intrepid four will fly out to Nepal on November 15 before spending a couple of days acclimatising.

Then, with the help of local guides, they will set off into one of the most hostile environments on earth, enduring temperatures of minus 10c and sleeping in teahouses.

But with walking at heights of over 5,000 metres, their biggest problem is likely to be altitude sickness.

Commonly occurring above 2,400 metres, the symptoms range from nausea and severe headaches to hallucinations and a loss of consciousness.

Michael added: “It does worry me a bit, but you can’t train for it easily in this country.

“I’m in training at the moment and making the best use of the Downs.

“I’m trying to increase the distance each time but it’s certainly not going to be easy.

“To be put through that kind of discomfort, it’s got to be worth a few bob in sponsorship.”

He added: “Any money donated |will be gratefully received and I can ensure you that it will all go to good causes.”

To sponsor Michael on his epic challenges visit his fundraising webpage: