A Hangleton kitten is still missing.

“Burt”, a seven month old black and white kitten, first went missing from his Fallowfield Crescent home two weeks ago.

But despite help from neighbours, the local school, and even the police, he has not been found.

Owner Diana Bridger said she and her partner Andy Stone have “walked miles” looking for him.

“He’s pretty much my shadow,” she said. “We still haven’t told Andy’s children about it.”

Burt’s picture is featured on the website of local charity “Lost Cats Brighton”, who claim that 221 cats have gone missing in Brighton since January 2009.

“Lost Cats have been invaluable,” says Diana. “I’m thinking of volunteering with them.

“Like all charities, they are really struggling at the moment, and they need all the help they can get.”

If you would like to help, or you have any news about Burt, you can contact Lost Cats through their website.