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Graves Son & Pilcher

The Argus: Graves

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Graves Son & Pilcher has been continuously at the forefront of property in Brighton, Hove and its environs since 1897.

We operate from a prime city centre location in our prestigious building located within the historic Old Steyne.

Old face returns to firm

GRAVES Son & Pilcher are excited to announce the appointment of John Healy to the team. John has vast experience in the city, starting his career at Graves Son & Pilcher in 1974 and going on to open Healy Newson

The Argus: pic 3 in 1990,running it for 25 years before retiring.

John said: "I took a year out but I missed it and decided to come back to Graves Son & Pilcher with Andy. Things have come full circle. It was with Andy's father I started. He taught me the basics." Residential and lettings partner Andy Lees said: "We both started off here learning from my father who was the residential partner for many years. I'm in my third stint here, having been a partner at Graves Jenkins for the last 12 years, but it's like a family here."

John said: "The way they operate has always been totally professional, which is not the case in all firms these days. "Graves Son & Pilcher have been at the forefront of property in Brighton and its environs since 1897. Andy said: "What Graves Son & Pilcher can offer as an independent is that we have the multi facets, we've got management, commercial, professional, surveying, residential, whereas a lot of these firms are just basically estate agents and they're pigeon holed into specific areas. "Graves Son & Pilcher sell properties from a large area including, but not limited to, Brighton, Hove, Hangleton, Rottingdean, Woodingdean, Lewes, Alfriston and Worthing.

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Andy said: "The experience John and I have gained over the years means we're able to deal with all sorts of properties that are thrown at us. You don't need estate agents on your doorstep anymore, the internet has changed that. Some of these firms don't have the experienced staff - that's the most important thing."

John said: "We're both parts of associations that still stand for an awful lot. People are under the impression that if you put your property on with one office of an estate agency that it's carried by everyone but it doesn't work like that. They all work within a very small district, individually, so it's not the coverage some people think they're getting."

Andy said: "We stand for old-fashioned virtues. We don't tie people into contracts. Personally I think it's immoral for someone to have to sign up to an agent for three or four months. If it's not working out they're not able to go elsewhere. They could miss a market turn and this could cost them money. "We're quite happy to work on a gentleman's agreement. If people are not happy, they walk away that day. "We've known each other long enough over the years and through the business that it's just great fun to have the opportunity to work together. There are seven Graves Son & Pilcher staff that have gone away and come back which speaks volumes. "There's a loyalty among the staff and the partnership. We don't have a huge turnover of staff as others do. If you're dealing with us, we can give you a consistent, reliable service."

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