It was strictly adult humour when Cornish comedian Jethro appeared at the Congress Theatre on Thursday, but he charmed his audience into laughing out loud at most of his smutty material.

His Cornish twang and likeable personality, coupled with his superb technique and timing, helped him get away with some jokes that were politically incorrect, blue or just plain vulgar.

He often referred to sexual problems or perversions and genitalia but Jethro – who started life as Geoff Rowe – carried the audience along with him. They loved his self-deprecating humour and his tales about his simpleton fictional friend Denzil.

Jethro gave us a mixture of new and old material and while some of the punchlines were predictable, others took us by complete surprise.

The Germans and French were among his targets, and Eastbourne’s rival town Hastings came in for a lot of flack.

Jethro also showed off his talent as a singer and, although not up to the standard of his female support act, his vocals added to his value as an engaging entertainer.

The second-half of the show tailed off slightly, but he earned more laughs with a series of one-liners while strumming away on his guitar.