The instant Tom Chaplin opened his mouth, it was obvious to everyone in the jam-packed house that this was to be the biggest treat this side of Christmas, and beyond.

Tom, Tim Rice-Oxley on piano, Richard Hughes on drums and Jesse Quin on bass flooded the cavernous space with resonating sound, warmth, light and levity.

The cerebrally-crafted set was a brilliant mix of ecstatic, ceiling-skimming notes, chiming keyboards and dynamic drumming.

From the anthemic, familiar notes of Bend And Break and Everbody’s Changing, to the inspiring crescendos in Bedshaped, the upbeat sounds of Disconnected and the quietly sensitive balladic Hamburg Song – for which musical polymath Tom took over the entire stage, just him and his acoustic guitar - this was a flawless, glowing and inspirational experience from start to finish.

The slightly strange thing about Keane’s music is that although the vocals and music often appear to be almost fighting against one other, they get along just well enough to make sense, snag your heartstrings and provoke pure pleasure.

Aided and abetted by the simple raw feeling, range and passion in Tom Chaplin’s uniquely soaring voice and the multiple musical talents and polished professonalism of the band.