Rizzle Kicks have had a monumental 18 months.

From the release of Down With The Trumpets in July 2011, they’ve become one of the country’s biggest and most loved pop acts.

Blending swing rhythms with an old-school hip-hop delivery, the two young men known as Rizzle and Sylvester have a dedicated fan base, many of whom were at their homecoming show in Brighton.

With shout-outs to Brighton and Hove Albion, Blatchington Mill and a maligned bouncer at Digital, the two locals engaged their audience.

Brighton music charity AudioActive is supported too, and recommended.

The duo have always used their music videos to give an intimate view of their personalities and their stage presence was as expected; Rizzle swung around in a variety of costumes, while Harley had a calmer, steadier persona.

During the 90-minute set, the energy didn’t wane. Saving some of their most recognisable songs for the finalé kept the anticipation high.

Much of Rizzle Kicks’ live material comes from their first album Stereo Typical, but fans were given the chance to hear a new song too, It’s A Classic, which will feature on their second album.

From the bouncy chorus and upbeat rapping, it’s clear their style hasn’t evolved a great deal. But it’s a style that’s celebrated, and rightly so.