The trend for successful films to find new lives on stage continues with this hilarious transition, with music and lyrics written by Dolly Parton, one of the film’s original stars.

The show is a real humdinger, providing an evening of first-class entertainment which leaves a heart-warming glow.

Set in 1979, it tells of the battles three secretaries have with their sexist and egotistical boss and the ultimate in satisfactory retribution.

Jackie Clune as widowed Violet takes newly-divorced Judy (Natalie Casey) under her wing. Stepping into Miss Parton’s shoes – or should that be bra – is Amy Lennox.

All three give terrific performances especially in their solo spots. But they are almost eclipsed by Bonnie Langford, unrecognisable until her belter of a big number – Heart To Hart.

Ben Richards as the boss Franklyn Hart is truly odious. When Violet lets rip about his sexist arrogance, the predominately-female audience give the biggest cheer of the evening.

The show has a fine score that includes a fantasy number where each girl acts out how they would take their revenge. And, of course, it has that infectious title song which gets reprised at the finale by Dolly, appearing on film.