Initially, the idea of taking a seat in the circle of Brighton Dome Concert Hall to watch Orbital seemed entirely wrong. To be honest, the idea of them performing inside a real venue, with four walls and a roof, was pretty alien.

When they rose to prominence in the early 1990s their followers were more used to seeing them in fields or warehouses, but as the gig bounced along it became apparent that the setting was utterly irrelevant.

The Hartnoll brothers create such danceable music they could justifiably claim to be capable of making fun in a leaky bus shelter.

As the acid house duo energetically steamed through their set, they created endless moments for the revellers below in the standing area to pause, arms aloft, and consider the genius of the torch-spectacled pair.

Closing the set with their triumphant remix of the Doctor Who theme, many could have been forgiven for leaving feeling satisfied. Two enthralling encores later and no one could be excused for grumbling. The majority of the people in the Dome’s posh seats were on their feet and Orbital had achieved the improbable feat of turning the venue into a muddy field somewhere near the M25.