Thirty years on from the ceremonious end to rock band The Jam, which took place merely a mile along the seafront at the Brighton Centre, bassist Bruce Foxton returned to Concorde 2 with Ultravox drummer Mark Brzezicki and frontman Russell Hastings to recapture the band’s working-class essence.

Beer flowed and mods gathered as the sounds of Going Underground boomed through the speakers. Hastings has perfected his Weller vocals and caused every angry, frustrated or just downright nostalgic middle-aged man to shout back the lyrics of hits such as Down In The Tube Station At Midnight, The Modern World and David Watts.

The trio showcased a few of Foxton’s new tracks, which conveyed similar sentiments to Jam tracks, with contrasting dual vocals and awesome riffs. But their reluctance to stray from that sound indicated fear of reminding the audience that it isn’t, in fact, 1979.

Hastings’s dedication to his Weller persona and Foxton’s preserved magic on bass made the evening not a mere tribute act but an accurate rendition of a very difficult, yet inspiring, part of the 20th century.

Undoubtedly, Foxton still has “it” and brought memories flooding back, much to the delight of every mod at heart.