After swiftly rising to the status of the “next big thing” when their catchy tune Hey Ho featured on the EON energy advert, The Lumineers could easily have been a one-hit wonder.

There were members of the packed-out crowd of old and young faces who left after the American folk rockers’ hit song.

Donning cocked hats and braces, the five-piece weaved their way into the centre of the crowd and stood on chairs to perform an acoustic version of the song, with maximum crowd involvement.

But most gig-goers were captivated by the cute singing voices, dynamic beats and shouts and quirky twists which marked a resemblance to Noah And The Whale in their early days.

That dreadful modern phenomenon of watching a gig through the mobile phone screens of fans avidly filming, picture-taking, tweeting and posting to Facebook was quickly stomped out by the band’s polite requests for people to stop and just enjoy the gig.

A welcome and refreshing move, but met with some awkward arm movements by people no longer sure what to do.

The band’s performances of almost every song from their debut album, interspersed with a Bob Dylan cover and a couple of new hits, was pure fun.