“When your windows shine, you shine,” was the phrase adorning the psychedelic backdrop for support act, Negative Pegasus. The Brightonian trio couldn’t have chosen a more appropriate line if they’d tried.

Featuring Todd from screamy rockers My Device, his newer band has made it their mission to present their thumping, ear-destroying shows immaculately. This performance was no different, their infectious heavy guitar, dance grooves, distorted vocals and hyperactive physicality winning as ever.

Their new labelmates, Kiwi headliners Die! Die! Die!, also signed to Smalltown America, had barely stopped all week, covering Texas’s South By South-West festival and shows in France and Belgium in just a few days. As such, you could have forgiven them for feeling burnt-out.

Though maybe not as incendiary as their festival highlight at 2011’s Great Escape, this short, sharp half-hour set embodied most of these New Zealanders’ characteristic energy and frenetic stage presence.

High energy Nerf Herder pop-punk with grunge riffs and the usual crowd-venturing antics from frontman Andrew Wilson were, unfortunately, stifled by a meagre turnout, rendering this venue weirdly cavernous.

A band like Die! Die! Die! is all about the atmosphere. Without this, their sound felt exposed, the band’s previous greatness removed with the veneer of an attentive crowd.