DIGITALLY manipulated B-movie footage, skittering electronica and live strings all combined to tell the story of an unsolved disappearance in 1950s America.

Circa69’s multimedia production was a compelling hour, hooking in the audience from the opening film clip, with a narrative which constantly drove the action forward and a soundtrack which added to the disconcerting nature of the story.

A group of eight students and their teacher disappeared after travelling into the desert to conduct an experiment.

Their story was told by eight young actors reading extracts from letters left in a giant black plywood box at the scene.

From the copies of the actual letters in the foyer to the website address flashed up at the end, the audience was encouraged to seek out the truth of the story.

The eight actors added an almost spiritual connection, and were faultless in representing the fears and wonder of the characters as they gradually sensed they might not get home.

The only problem was the lack of closure at the end of the piece – something inherent in a piece always destined to be a mystery.

The build-up to the entry of the box was well drawn across six letters – but once they had stepped through the door the details became frustratingly vague with only two letters devoted to what they found there.

When the last beats had echoed out over The Old Market the piece felt just a little unfinished.