Willie Russell’s Blood Brothers is as close to the bone as it was at its first curtain call in 1983.

The acclaimed musical tells the story of twins separated at birth in Liverpool.

A single mother who has her hands full with her existing brood gives up one of the boys to a wealthy family who give him a life of privilege while the remaining twin runs wild in the city.

The boys are attracted by an invisible bond and become best friends only to be driven apart by the divergence of wealth and opportunity that separates them.

Set among tenement terraces with the Liver building in the background, the show is performed with energy and style by the cast. Sean Jones as the abrasive scouser held back by his roots and Joel Benedict as the smoother more confident brother are both outstanding with standout performances from Kristopher Harding as the narrator and Lyn Paul as the mother with a heart.

The story tackles issues of parental bonding, separation, wealth and poverty but is held together by a fast moving narrative and an abundance of catchy tunes and good songs.


Four stars