IT IS difficult to understand how this rock show has built up a cult following since it was first staged in 1995. The performance includes some spectacular acrobatic sequences, eyepopping magic and great musicianship but the parts in between were often toecurlingly embarrassing.

On the positive side, Hanibul Hellmurto performed some astonishing sword swallowing feats and the Demon Dwarf hit home with his glass eating and bottle opening tricks. The aerial acrobatics, the contortionism and even the hula hoop sequences were world class but the circus skills were lost against a backdrop of sexist, puerile smut.

There was no rationale behind the bride whipping off her top in the White Wedding sequence or the somewhat grizzly bedroom scene at the end. The number of times we were forced to look at the Demon Dwarf’s backside was positively bad for the health.

Somewhat dated visually, musically and aesthetically, the show is enduringly popular.