This amusing concoction, co-devised and performed by Sarah Corbett and Angus Barr, was a distillation of the world & works of the Brontes from which they sought to provide the writers’ essence, rather than enact scenes or provide rounded characters.

In doing so it provided an amusing, rather than out right hilarious, hour of absurdist humour which was intended to send up the performers rather than the Brontes. It was a surreal mix of mime and slapstick with very clever inventive touches – a scene involving the opening of a door was brilliant comedy as was the repeated use of cling film to covey water.

Barr acted as an interlocutor, often stepping outside the fourth wall, to converse with the audience to explain, involve or occasionally to apologise when a joke failed. Whilst he provided the words it fell to Corbett to demonstrate the art of mime – her face, when not in frozen terror, spoke volumes. She reconstructed the lost world of the silent movies.

A question & answer session midway led to some improvised comedy which ended up with Barr singing the Kate Bush lyrics with Corbett’s accompanying gyrations. The show both amused and bemused but occasionally needed a little pruning.