Feeling a little blue? Lost your joie de vivre? Then the doctor prescribes two hours in the company of Wayne Coyne and Co to leave you feeling on top of the world.

There is euphoria right from the first keyboard blast of Race for the Prize with frontman Coyne playing the role of conductor for his band and the audience before masses of confetti shower down and huge inflatable balloons are released into the crowd, turning the Dome into a multi-sensory playroom.

One song in and a whole audience is as beaming and wide-eyed as an infant. By song three, newy There Should Be Unicorns, Coyne is riding through the audience on the back of said mythical beast. Most bands would not have the showmanship to attempt this as a showstopper but for the Lips it’s just one part of a spectacular performance fizzing with ideas.

The band have always had a label of "must-see" live but this performance really is something else, a greatest hits tour with all the bells and whistles. They could almost be forgiven for phoning this one in coming so soon after a career defining Glastonbury set on Friday but the band never give anything less than their all.

The stock phrase “like....on acid” is overused but it is entirely applicable here, with a giant seal, sun and reptile dancing on stage to Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots. This really is a children’s birthday party on acid. There really aren’t many points in the whole one hour 45 minute set where the performance drops below ecstatic and there are many highlights including an uplifting cover of Space Oddity where Coyne climbs into his version of a tin can, a giant inflatable ball, and sets off on his own mission into the crowd.

But this is no doomed voyage, the impressively bouffanted singer visibly having a whale of a time negotiating the ball out to a secondary stage in time to burst into the chorus before scrambling back to the terra firma of the stage. An encore featuring She Don’t Use Jelly and Do You Realize? played under an inflatable rainbow threatens to give the whole crowd an endorphine overdose.

A repeat prescription in another year or so would be just the ticket please doctor.