The stage version of David Walliams’ children’s book transported us all into a world of pure imagination.

The story of Sheila the hippo and her race to be the first on the moon sees her joined by a band wonderful friends who mesmerised the children. Our main character was brought to life using a full hippo suit and the rest of the animals were puppets.

And the puppeteers were in full view, moving around with the giraffe, emu, porcupines and a giraffe. This only added to the fun as it made it all look like a big game, the actors playing like you would at home and getting fully immersed in their roles.

The farty section when Sheila’s rocket was powered up using poo made the children laugh and their were some sneaky jokes for the adults too, including talk of Donald Trunk the elephant providing plenty of fuel.

The songs were all very entertaining too. Silver Bob the guerrilla’s introductory song was a highlight, on the lines of I Wanna be Like You in Jungle Book. The children left the Theatre Royal buzzing with joy having enjoyed a non-stop and fun-filled show.