When there's just as much sweat on the floor as spilled beer splashing up onto people's heels, you know it's been a good night.

Concorde 2 temporarily turned into a sauna for the return of White Lies to Brighton for the first time in six years. If the five-piece were wondering what sort of reception they'd get after abstaining from the South Coast for more than half a decade, they needn't have worried.

The place bounced in a perspiring pit of passion for the London band who delivered hit after hit laced in bass. Harry McVeigh led from the front, Charles Cave held the performance together with his bass guitar along with Jack Lawrence-Brown on the drums.

Sidemen Tommy Bowen and Rob Lee, who bolster the live shows with splash of guitar and keyboards to give the sound a modern lift, especially with their more recent tracks. Having been on the circuit a decade, they may not have progress as they might've liked having gained critical acclaim with a host of newcomer awards back in 2009.

But they've there's a hotbed of fans in Brighton, who packed out the seafront venue and screamed every word from each of their four albums.

With a worrying trend of British indie bands calling it a day if they're not selling out stadiums by their fifth album, it's refreshing to see a group content with selling out a modest venue and giving their fans a night they'll never forget.