Marking 30 years since Willy Russell introduced the world to Shirley Valentine, this stage revival proves there’s still life in the old girl yet.

Shirley Valentine tells the story of Liverpudlian housewife, Shirley, whose children have left home leaving her stuck in a rut making chips and egg for her husband. She berates her monotonous marriage and life while talking to the wall until an out of the blue holiday to Greece encourages her to rediscover her zest for life.

Unlike the classic 1989 film starring Pauline Collins, the play is a one-woman show with Blackpool actress and singer Jodie Prenger playing Shirley. Best known for winning the role of Nancy on BBC talent show I’d Do Anything, Jodie is a one-woman tour de force, bringing to the role an abundance of warmth, charm and likeability – crucial when performing what is essentially a two hour monologue.

Despite celebrating its 30th anniversary, the script still feels fresh with the theme of wanting to reinvent an unfulfilled life resonating with a modern day audience.

Jodie’s performance is a masterclass in how to engage with an audience. She draws in every person in the theatre, almost as if you’re each connecting with her on a personal level and is totally believable whether spouting sharp humour or being vulnerable while chatting to the infamous wall.

Although Pauline Collins’ turn as Shirley is iconic, Jodie doesn’t shy away from making the role her own, incorporating more physical comedy to the delight of the audience who reward her with rapturous laughter. The laughs keep coming throughout, with some hilariously poignant observations about ordinary life, made all the better by Jodie’s comic timing and gift for accents.

This heart warming piece of theatre, funny and superbly executed, thoroughly deserves the standing ovation it receives at the end.