Marking the 10 year anniversary of her first album Made of Bricks, Kate Nash packed the Concorde with an audience that was at least 80 per cent female, many wearing sequins; all ready to party.

Nash arrived onstage in an elaborate translucent dress with colossal puffed sleeves in the style of a Tudor monarch. On exiting for a costume change during Foundations, the audience continued singing in a mass karaoke outbreak as the band played on, laughing in delight. Fresh from the 1980s women’s wrestling series GLOW, Nash’s energetic performance involved guitars, keyboards, and skipping and jumping like an aerobics workout across a feminine fantasy set of cherry blossom and puffy clouds.

A decade on, the songs mostly stand up well, from the confident swagger of Pumpkin Soup (“I just want your kiss, boy!”) to the tongue-tied confession of teenage attraction in Birds. Performed live with her all-female band, Mouthwash was less whimsical and more assertive thrash, with the singer pogoing and yelping defiance.

The confrontational lyrics of Dickhead inspired chanting as Nash danced sinuously, a streak of scarlet across green-lit stage. Commenting on the Christmas vibe of her shiny scarlet top and hot pants, she burst into Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer and Santa Baby, to the audience’s delight. The low-key, gentle yearning of Nicest Thing offered a moment of hushed, understated beauty, the quirkily observational lyrics emotionally honest.

Encores included fan request Model Behaviour, with its punk refrain “You don’t have to suck dick to succeed”. Nash introduced Musical Theatre by discussing her own issues with anxiety and OCD; the lighting design represented the compulsive behaviour of the lyrics with flurrying projections of ticking clocks and numbers, evolving into animated coloured stripes.

This uplifting show ended with joyful crowd control through a mass dance-along to I’ve Had the Time of my Life.