They sidled on like a ragtag five-a-side team with their socks around their ankles and no shin pads. The Libertines arrived in Brighton for the last leg of their Tiddeley Om Pom Pom Tour of seaside resorts looking like they had been on a world tour for a year, not 10 dates.

They look less organised now than when I saw them off Brick Lane in London in around 2003. And that’s the joy of The Libertines, knowing that it could all crash down around them at any moment, like the time last night that Pete Doherty kicked over Carl Barat’s microphone stand, Barat almost missing his lines as he hadn’t noticed and had to race across the stage to sing Can’t Stand Me Now.

During Begging it did all fall apart and the band gave up half way through the song and performed Dream a Little Dream of Me instead, which was beautiful. Their song You’re My Waterloo, with Barat switching from piano to guitar and back to piano was another really nice, soft part of a largely raucous night.

But when they finished with Don’t Look Back into the Sun the speed and the noise was as heavy as it could get, almost blowing the roof off the Brighton Centre, the whole crowd jumping up and down in time. The gloriously shambolic night was pulled together with some really fine moments, a band happy to play that way and a crowd lapping it up.