Across a set split into four characters, attracting a crowd of people who’d only comfortably remember Simon Day from his Fast Show heyday, the comedian’s return to the stand-up circuit was both a demonstration of someone who could truly call it his stock trade, but also one that rested on the laurels of past glories.

When he was good he was exceptional, coaxing laughs from heckles and realising off the cuff remarks would serve him well on future dates for extra hilarity. In the guise of opening character Billy Bleach, the annoying familiar barstool bore confessed to watching TV’s Who Do You Think You Are?, unaware who the subject was – an aside that made for one of the most spontaneous peaks.

But as ex-con hardman Tony Beckton, the laughs felt forced. Poet Geoffrey Allerton stepped further into the absurd, but it was not until ‘headline’ character, forgotten prog hero Brian Pern (deceased) that the Komedia truly felt in the presence to a great.

Against a backdrop of intentionally crude images of Pern in tribal communities, accompanied by a guitarist billed as the “second best in Sussex” (forbidden from speaking), the character – and Day’s pitch perfect skill - shone through. A slow builder then, with juicy comic nuggets at its core for the dogged.