ACCORDING to The Private Press founder Gary Parselle, screen printing is the reproductive medium of choice for art afficionados. The process behind it is undeniably laborious but the results are worth the effort, says the Brighton-based artist.

“There are certain things you can do with screen printing that you can’t do to the same extent elsewhere – for example you can layer colours and get some really interesting effects. You can do amazing things. I love the tactile nature of it.”

Ensuring the colours on show are as vibrant as possible is of paramount importance to Parselle as he launches the Editions series at the Hotel Pelirocco. For the sake of an example, artist and graphic designer Supermundane – real name Rob Lowe – deals in intense splashes of colour, various sprawling patterns interlinking to form a dazzling tapestry.

One of his designs can be seen in the bottom left corner of the four works pictured above. “Screen printing gives unrivalled depth and texture,” says Parselle. “For Supermundane’s work we overlayed blue and yellow ink on top of each other to give off a green colour.”

This instance seems typical of screen printing in general – Parselle admits that it “isn’t a fast process”.

“You print one colour at a time, literally, and then add layers. People appreciate the value of that, though. A screen print made by hand has a lot more value than digital print that came out of a machine. We’re focusing on the quality of the print all the time – you have to have meticulous attention to detail.”

Other artists on show include Adrian Johnson, whose bold, almost childlike work is exemplified by his depiction of a diplodocus and an apple, pictured above. Brighton-based Eelus makes haunting images that exist on the border of the real and surreal, as seen in his work in the bottom right of the four works.

Local artists also displayed at Editions include Steven Wilson, Esther Cox and Stereotypist. They were given no brief by Parselle, as such, other than to bear in mind “some interesting finishes and inks that would work well in screen printing. They all share a common love of the medium,” he adds.

On display: some of the UK’s hottest artistic talent


Rob Lowe, also known as Supermundane, is an artist, graphic designer and writer with more than 20 years experience in the creative industry. His work can be identified by his distinctive and playful love of words, colour and line.

Rose Blake

Blake’s work has been featured in the New York Times, The Guardian and The Sunday Times. The illustrator, whose art has an emotive quality, also counts Google, Stella McCartney and the V&A as some of her high-profile clients.

Steven Wilson

Steven is an illustrator who lives and works in Brighton. He can often be found foraging through the local flea markets for obscure paraphernalia to use as inspiration for his experimental work which he describes as “somewhere between pop and psychedelia”.

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