12A Pitch Perfect 2
The Barden Bellas enter a global singing competition that has never been won by an American group. Beca, Fat Amy, Chloe, Lilly, new recruit Emily and the other Bellas prepare to pitch-slap their talented rivals into submission.
Universal Moomins On The Riviera
Moomin, Moominpappa, Moominmamma, Snorkmaiden and Little My embark on an exciting adventure by sea to the French Riviera. In this sun-kissed playground of the rich and fabulous, there are manifold distractions.

12A Avengers: Age Of Ultron
Tony Stark hopes to jumpstart world peace using a dormant artificial intelligence program but he unwittingly unleashes the villainous Ultron. Nick Fury marshals his superhero team to protect mankind from annihilation.

15 Poltergeist
Eric Bowen and his wife Amy move into a new home with their three children. Angry spirits invade the home and focus their attention on youngest child Madison, making contact with her through the white noise on a TV screen.
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Parental Guidance Big Hero 6
Fourteen-year-old Hiro Hamada loses one of the people he loves the most. Consumed with grief, the teenager comes to terms with his loss thanks to his blossoming friendship with a self-inflating personal healthcare robot called Baymax.
15 The New Girlfriend
Claire and Laura have been best friends since childhood. When Laura discovers she is terminally ill and won't live to see her child's first birthday, Claire and her husband Gilles promise to help Laura's husband David raise the child.

Brighton and other nearby cinemas

12A Tomorrowland: A World Beyond
At the 1964 World Fair, a young boy called Frank Walker takes a magical trip to a world called Tomorrowland in the company of a girl called Athena. Many years later, Frank is a grizzled inventor, who is haunted by his memories of the fantastical realm.
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15 Mad Max: Fury Road
Imperator Furiosa rescues five women, who have been imprisoned by sadistic warlord Immortan Joe. They join forces with Max Rockatansky, who has knowledge of the Wasteland and can help the fugitives find sanctuary in the deadly shifting sands.
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Universal Cinderella
Ella loses her mother and father but inherits a vindictive stepmother Lady Tremaine and two brattish stepsisters. Treated as a servant by her new family, Ella catches the eye of Prince Charming, who must choose a bride to protect the kingdom.

Universal Home
An extra-terrestrial race called the Boov invades Earth and rounds up the humans. A resourceful teenage girl called Tip evades capture and goes on the run. She crosses paths with an outcast Boov named Oh and they join forces to save Earth.

15 Spooks: The Greater Good
Will Crombie is hired to track down his former mentor Harry Pearce, who has gone to ground. In the process, Will stumbles upon a deadly conspiracy and a diabolical plot masterminded by terrorist Qasim to detonate a dirty bomb in the heart of London.
Universal Two By Two
Dave and his inquisitive young son Finny belong to a fluffy land-based species called Nestrians, who are excellent homemakers. They are denied safe passage on Noah's ark and adopt laughable disguises to pose as carnivorous hyena-like Grymps.



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