12A Avengers: Age Of Ultron
Tony Stark hopes to jumpstart world peace using a dormant artificial intelligence program but he unwittingly unleashes the villainous Ultron. Nick Fury marshals his superhero team to protect mankind from annihilation.
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Universal Cinderella
Ella loses her mother and father but inherits a vindictive stepmother Lady Tremaine and two brattish stepsisters. Treated as a servant by her new family, Ella catches the eye of Prince Charming, who must choose a bride to protect the kingdom.
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15 Child 44
Leo Demidov, best friend Alexei Andreyev and cowardly rival Vasili Nikitin work side by side as Moscow's secret police. Alexei's young son dies in suspicious circumstances and the grieving father becomes convinced that a murderer is at large in Stalin-era Soviet Union.
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Universal Home
An extra-terrestrial race called the Boov invades Earth and rounds up the humans. A resourceful teenage girl called Tip evades capture and goes on the run. She crosses paths with an outcast Boov named Oh and they join forces to save Earth.

Parental Guidance Dark Horse: The Incredible True Story Of Dream Alliance
A life-affirming documentary about a group of friends and neighbours from the Welsh mining village of Cefn Fforest, who form a syndicate to buy and train a racehorse in the hope of beating the odds against seasoned opposition.

15 Force Majeure
A controlled avalanche heads for a luxury skiing resort where businessman Tomas, his wife Ebba and their children Vera and Harry are enjoying lunch. As the fast-moving snow hits the building, Ebba instinctively protects the kids while Tomas runs for cover.

Brighton and other nearby cinemas

12A Fast & Furious 7
Owen Shaw's older brother Ian seeks revenge against Dominic, Brian and their crew for the death of his sibling. When the team learns about the demise of one of their own, they come together for one final and potentially lethal mission.

12A A Little Chaos
King Louis XIV hires landscape gardener Andre Le Notre to transform the grounds of Versailles. It is a Herculean task so Le Notre hires fellow landscapers to oversee different sections of the garden and Sabine De Barra catches his eye.
12A Woman In Gold
Ferdinand Bloch-Bauer's niece Maria Altmann launches a protracted and bitter legal battle against the Austrian government to reclaim a family painting, flanked by idealistic young lawyer Randol Schoenberg.

12A The Duff
Bianca is invited to all of the parties with her best friends Jess and Casey, oblivious to the fact that she is the D.U.F.F. - Designated Ugly Fat Friend - of her social circle.
15 The Falling
Sixteen-year-old Lydia and Abbie are best friends, who make a vow to never lose touch. Tragedy strikes at the school and Lydia struggles to cope. Soon after, an infectious hysteria sweeps through the school, impacting both the students and staff.

12A The Divergent Series: Insurgent
Tris and Four are on the run with Marcus Eaton and other members of Abnegation. Jeanine Matthews and her cohorts from Erudite are close behind, determined to crush the rebellion and wipe out the Divergents, who threaten the status quo.



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