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15 Ted 2
The state of Massachusetts decrees that a teddy bear is a piece of property not a person so Ted is stripped of his marriage certificate, job and identity. Consequently, Ted and John head into court to rage against the system.

15 Amy
Asif Kapadia's controversial documentary about the life and times of singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse featuring contributions from her friends and family, who talk candidly about her battle with drug and alcohol addiction.

15 Magic Mike XXL
Mike and his fellow dancers Ken, Richie, Tarzan and Tito have been at the top of their pelvis-thrusting game for too long and the end is nigh for the Kings of Tampa. The gang decides to bow out in style with a final performance in Myrtle Beach.

Parental Guidance Mr Holmes
The year is 1947 and Sherlock Holmes, now 93, is a shadow of the brilliant logician, who once held court at 221b Baker Street. The ageing sleuth has retired to Cuckmere Haven, where he fusses over his beehives and struggles to recall his only unsolved case.

12A Still Alice
Celebrated linguistics professor Alice Howland is diagnosed with early on-set Alzheimer's disease. Since the condition could be passed down, Alice advises her children to be tested, which poses a dilemma for eldest daughter Anna, who is pregnant with twins.

15 Slow West
Fresh-faced 17-year-old Jay Cavendish journeys to 1870s Colorado to find his love: peasant's daughter Rose Ross. The teenager crosses paths with a world-weary bounty hunter called Silas Selleck, who proposes to chaperone Jay for a fee.

Brighton and other nearby cinemas

Universal Minions
Three Minions called Kevin, Stuart and Bob leave their home in Antarctica bound for 1968 New York City, where they stumble upon the first female super-villain, Scarlet Overkill, who intends to steal the Crown Jewels and seize the British throne.
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12A Jurassic World
The Jurassic World theme park is open on Isla Nublar under the control of Operations Manager Claire Dearing. The park's scientists play God and breed a new dinosaur, the Indominus Rex, which escapes confinement and goes on the rampage.
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12A Terminator Genisys
In the aftermath of judgment day, rebel leader John Connor hopes to give humanity a fighting chance by sending his friend Kyle Reese back in time to 1986 to protect his helpless mother Sarah from a shape-shifting Terminator.
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Not Rated NT Live: Everyman
Rufus Norris directs Carol Ann Duffy's adaptation of the late 15th-century morality play about a man, who is forced to abandon his daily routines to seek a friend willing to speak in his defence against Death. Oscar nominee Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 Years A Slave) takes the title role with movement choreographed by Javier De Frutos, broadcast live from the stage of the National Theatre in London.

15 West
Nelly Senff and her young son Alexej attempt to relocate from East to West Germany in 1978. They seek sanctuary at the Marienfelde Refugee Center and must collect a series of stamps from government departments in order to fully integrate into the West.


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