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Universal Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Road Chip
Dave has been dating Samantha for several months. Alvin, Simon and Theodore would be delighted except Samantha's teenage son Miles bullies them mercilessly. The chipmunks discover an engagement ring in Dave's bag and realise that their pal is poised to go down on bended knee.
12A Zoolander No 2
Musical celebrities are assassinated with the unmistakable "Blue Steel" look on their face. Sexy Interpol agent Melanie Valentina uses her considerable womanly wiles to recruit Derek Zoolander and Hansel McDonald into the ranks to track down the killers.
Parental Guidance Goosebumps
Zach Cooper discovers that his new next door neighbour is renowned author RL Stine. In the process of uncovering the truth, Zach accidentally unleashes Slappy from Night Of The Living Dummy. The demented mannequin releases monsters from the rest of Stine's books.
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15 Dirty Grandpa
Seventy-something man of mystery Dick Kelly buries his wife and emotionally blackmails his grandson Jason into driving him to their summer home in Florida. The two men hit the road and are soon diverted to Daytona Beach.
Universal Hotel Transylvania 2
Vampire Mavis and her human husband Jonathan raise an adorable son called Dennis and consider moving to California. Mavis' father Dracula is devastated - he believes that an heir to the bloodline should be raised in Transylvania, surrounded by other monsters.
15 Pride And Prejudice And Zombies
Mr Bennet teaches his five daughters Elizabeth, Jane, Lydia, Kitty and Mary martial arts so they can take care of themselves in an era of marauding zombies. The girls' mother Mrs Bennet is more concerned with finding them wealthy husbands.

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15 Deadpool
Former Special Forces operative Wade Wilson discovers he has cancer. He is offered a second chance by The Recruiter, who works for an experimental programme known as Weapon X, which promises to induce a regenerative mutation to the cancerous cells.
Parental Guidance Dad's Army
England, 1944. The Second World War is on a knife edge and in Walmington-on-Sea, blustering bank manager George Mainwaring proudly leads the local Home Guard. Colonel Theakes reveals that a German spy has infiltrated the town and is transmitting secrets back to Berlin.
15 The Revenant
Explorer Hugh Glass is mauled by a grizzly bear. Captain Henry leaves behind two men, Fitzgerald and Bridger, to tend to Glass and his son, Hawk. Fitzgerald decides to expedite matters by killing Hawk and dragging Glass' near lifeless body into a freshly dug grave.
15 Spotlight
Walter "Robby" Robinson and the Spotlight team investigate a potentially explosive story. Attorney Mitchell Garabedian claims to have documents which prove Cardinal Bernard Law knew about sexual abuse within the diocese and did nothing.
Universal The Iron Giant
Sci-fi obsessed young tyke Hogarth Hughes is astonished and delighted when he stumbles upon a gargantuan metal creature from outer space who has landed in the woods near his home. They forge a magical friendship that changes Hogarth's community forever.
Parental Guidance The Good Dinosaur
A young Apatosaurus called Arlo falls into a river and is swept far away from his loved ones. Lost in the wilderness, Arlo meets a feral cave boy called Spot, who becomes the dinosaur's protector. Beast and human child embark on a magical adventure to return Arlo to his home.


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