On The Radar is a partnership between The Argus and BIMM Brighton, a music college bringing through the next generation of rock stars.

Every week we take a look at an emerging talent from the institute.

This week student journalist ASH EDMONDS puts the questions to singer and songwriter Billy Gregory

How did you start making music?

I started writing music when I was 13.

I started a band with a few friends from school and from the age of 14 we were gigging locally (Portsmouth) two to three times a week.

When I hit 15 or 16, I started writing songs acoustically on my own. The band eventually separated and I just carried on by myself.

I draw inspiration from things that happen to me in life and from what goes on in friends’ and families’ lives, too.

As for my sound, when I perform I only ever really perform solo with an acoustic so my sound is just of an acoustic pop nature.

However, when recording and producing, I aim for an indie/pop/rock sound.

Do you find that being in Brighton makes it easier to pursue a career in music?

There are just as many opportunities as any other city – you just have to be willing to find them and make them worthwhile.

Do you have any upcoming gigs?

I don’t have any in Brighton but I have local gigs where I am from in Portsmouth, if any Argus readers are down that way. They are at Moneyfields tonight and Al’Burrito on December 21.

How has the past year been for you?

The past year has been fun. I was lucky enough to tour the UK, this time with a backing band. I’ve also been working on some new projects with people, which is exciting.

Do you have any favourite places to play in Brighton?

My favourite place to play in Brighton would be The Haunt. I enjoy it because of the unique sound and the atmosphere.

Are there any bands and songs that you have been really enjoying recently?

I am enjoying a Brighton band called The Gospel Youth and their album The Darkest Shades Of Black and Grey. I’m also enjoying Rhys Lewis’s Waking Up Without You.

Where do you see yourself this time next year?

I aim to be working on a cruise ship as a solo musician, travelling the world.

You have a few covers on your YouTube channel. Do you feel as though these videos have helped you gain popularity?

The covers were recorded when I was younger. I used them to get people to watch and subscribe to my channel.

How do you get over your nerves when performing?

I used to get nervous when I was young and starting out but I have grown up and grown out of nerves, I guess.

Bigger crowds excite me now, more than make me nervous.

If a crowd aren’t really interested in previous acts on the bill I just set that as a challenge to myself to get them interested and get them joining in and having fun.

How have you established yourself among BIMM artists?

There are many talented artists at BIMM. For me, music isn’t about establishing myself. I do it for enjoyment. There is no greater feeling than having a crowd sing along with you.

Are there any tips you can give BIMM students pursuing a music career?

Don’t let anyone make you doubt yourself. If someone says you need to change your music because of their preference, it doesn’t mean you need to change it. Stick to your guns and write and play what makes you happy.