Fans of Bar Revenge will already have their own thoughts about this seafront drinking establishment but, as a first-time visitor, three things occurred to me as I walked in.

Firstly I couldn’t believe I’d just bought a pint in Brighton, overlooking the sea, and paid for the privilege with a solitary £2 coin.

Second, as I wandered about, I realised there is far more to this place than you first realise.

And, thirdly it struck me that after last week’s PubSpy excursion this place is incredibly aptly named.

Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined this humble pub reviewer could ever cause such a storm with just a few well-chosen words.

If anyone wasn’t aware PubSpy was on Facebook and Twitter they certainly are now – thanks to everyone who took the time and trouble to send me their thoughts.

I’m the first to realise you can’t please all the people all the time, but it’s always great to get feedback, even if it can’t always be 100 per cent positive.

Anyway, back to the job in hand and what I’m paid to do.

The reason for the remarkably cheap Kronenbourg is that it is half price in here from 5pm to 9pm right through from Sunday to Thursday – now that’s what I call a decent happy hour.

And the price seemed to be having the desired effect as, despite the relatively early hour, the place was already humming nicely.

There was a wide variety of folk in and a fair cross section of ages, just about every angle was covered.

I’m not sure what time the bouncers start their shift but they weren’t around to greet me – I can’t imagine they set up shop too late.

There was a rope to close off the stairs but it was open for my visit so I wandered up.

The extra height made all the difference and with plenty of spots available overlooking the pier I can heartily recommend this as a good vantage point to enjoy a pint.

There was one advertisement telling me you can get a bomb for £3 or, if you’re so inclined, four for a tenner.

Another poster explained there are seven booths for hire and that the starting price for these is £125.

I wasn’t exactly sure what the advantage was to a booth but I went and sat in one for five minutes just so I could feel I got my money’s worth.

I then realised you get a grey goose (a bottle I presume) and a private host within the price, if that’s what you’re after.

Quite what the host does with the goose I’ve no idea and it was far too early in the evening to find out.

There’s also a pool table on this level and, for some reason, the walls are padded.

In fact, I couldn’t help noticing that even the walls in the gents are padded.

I can only assume it makes it more comfortable if you’re leaning against them.

Apart from my booth, I couldn’t spot any others so maybe the other six on offer are hidden away from prying eyes.

I wasn’t in on a Friday so missed out slightly as I was informed Pop Tartz would be all over Level 1 on that day.

Back down to earth on the ground floor I spied two fruit machines and a particularly flashy looking jukebox.

There was also a cash machine, though at £2 a pint I didn’t require it to get in a second, or even my third.

Surrounded, as I was, by multiple mirror balls and bathed nicely in a mixture of pink and purple light I realised it was still very early for a spot of Revenge.

This was reinforced by a poster claiming the best drag hostesses and DJs in the UK could be found here – sadly there was no sign of them that evening.

There is, however, a stack of standing room and the barman informed they do a great trade in fish bowls at £9.95 so it clearly gets a lot livelier later on.

The say revenge is a dish best served cold but I think I’ll return when it’s hotting up a bit. I bet this one bar that offers a warm welcome later in the evening.

Bar Revenge, 5-7 Marine Parade, Brighton

Decor: ★★★ (out of five)

I couldn’t find the booths, but the rest of the seating was fine

Drink: ★★

The usual suspects were available

Price: ★★★★★

A pint of Kronie for £2 is a great deal

Atmosphere: ★★★

Just getting warmed up, but welcoming enough

Staff: ★★★

A pair of neatly turned out barmen were friendly and obliging