AHEAD of their appearance at the Green Door Store’s Two Three Four Festival this weekend, Spit Shake Sisters Harrison, Ben and Zal introduce themselves.

“We met at our local AA meeting. We are all based in Brighton these days and have been for a while but as is the case with most people in this fair city we migrated from surrounding areas.

“We are influenced by a huge range of music from the 1960s and the early 1970s as well as later punk bands. The corporate men in suits and their auto-tuned weapons of mass boredom – ie One Direction, Justin Bieber and the rest – have dominated things for a while. Guitar bands are on their way back and there are some amazing ones such as Demob Happy, Skirts, The Black Tambourines and Strange Cages but we all just need to catch that break. Which for some is looking very close to happening and it is an amazing feeling.

“Our single Blasphemer is due out as a vinyl release on Dead Fun Records at the end of August. The video we have made for it is looking amazing thanks to the very talented and kind people of Firebelly Films, Nice One Films and AlienZu. As for an album, you'll just have to keep checking on us.

“Two Three Four really brings out some of the best sets from bands that we have ever seen. The scene in Brighton is electric at the moment and it is promoters like Late Night Lingerie, Teen Creeps and Acid Box that are the front runners for the underground guitar band resurgence on this coast. They have already started making their way over to London which is incredible. They aren’t just mates of ours, they are our some of favourite bands ever.”

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