Brothers Archie and Jack Brewis-Lawes and Henna Malik released their debut self-titled EP in July.

The tracks take in the brothers' experience living on the streets and travelling the world, and details the poverty and atrocities they saw in third world countries.

Originally hailing from High Wycombe, Mindofalion's stated aim is to stand against all they perceive is wrong with the world. The band are all vegan and are activists for the animal rights movement.

They introduce themselves below.

“Brighton caught our attention for its diversity in cultures and scenes. Having been in Brighton a number of times playing various gigs and living the vibe of Brighton we felt it was the right place for us to explore and fulfil what we want to do in life.

“Being brothers we grew as people from our surroundings. From growing up around festivals we picked up the passion to write music, starting from 12 onwards. From the start we have never aimed to write music like other artists, we have always created music from the influence of our lives.

“It has always been a big part of our lives to let people be aware of the differences we have seen – what people in our world may not be aware of. Our EP was made up of three tracks that portray what we're about. We wish to share our sound with as many people across the world, bringing people together – storming festivals and venues around the globe.

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