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The Argus:

12:00am Saturday 23rd August 2014

Owen Beddall served the celebrities as a first class flight attendant and is sharing all in his new book. Hannah Stephenson checks in.

Jacko's final years captured in book

The Argus: Jacko's final years captured in book

12:00pm Monday 30th June 2014

Hannah Stephenson talks to Michael Jackson’s former bodyguards Bill Whitfield and Javon Beard about the star: He may have been the world's most famous pop star, but Michael Jackson was a sad, lonely figure who lived for his children and longed for a more normal life.

John Harmer strolls round the Rother Valley

The Argus: John Harmer strolls round the Rother Valley

10:10am Monday 16th June 2014

The parish of Etchingham lies in the picturesque Rother valley near the Kent border. John Harmer offers a choice of walks, with an optional visit to a house with a medieval legend

– Author Simon Brett on being patron of Worthing’s World of Words Festival

The Argus:

10:00am Monday 16th June 2014

By their very nature writers spend a lot of time alone, wrestling with prose in locked studies and attics.

Try your hand at writing for children on a new weekend course in Brighton

The Argus: Children's author Alan Durant, who wrote Always And Forever, was there to help out

7:10am Saturday 23rd November 2013

Among the secret ambitions we all nurture, writing a children’s book must be one of the most common. Google the phrase and you will be presented with an abundance of courses and workshops that promise to turn timid dreams into reality.

QueenSpark Books launch a new Brighton-themed graphic novel

The Argus: Brighton The Graphic Novel

7:00am Saturday 23rd November 2013

From Brighton The Graphic Novel editor Tim Pilcher’s point of view, the amazing thing was no one in the city had thought to do something like it before.

Drawing emotions

The Argus: Hannah Eaton

12:30pm Monday 5th August 2013

Hannah Eaton tells Duncan Hall about the inspiration for her graphic novel Naming Monsters

Spotlight on sisters

The Argus: Holly Willoughby with her sister Kelly

12:00pm Monday 8th July 2013

Brighton-born Holly Willoughby chats to Hannah Stephenson about her novel new venture

The secret life of toys

11:18am Monday 4th March 2013

Nione Meakin speaks to popular children's author and illustrator Jane Hissey about her latest cast of toybox characters.

Banishing the babble

12:00pm Monday 11th February 2013

Jenny Tregoning finds out from Dr Stephen Briers why self-help books can do more harm than good

Horror for kids

The Argus: Charlie Higson. Photo by Charlie Hopkinson

9:54am Monday 15th October 2012

A horde of blood-drenched zombies are chasing petrified children through the streets of post-apocalypse London.

A port in the storm

10:56am Monday 17th September 2012

Some of the greatest poetry is that which helps us to make sense of the unthinkable. Irish poet Patrick Kavanagh used imagery from his daily life as a farmer to try to comprehend the devastation of the Second World War. By writing about what he knew, he was able to draw parallels between wars being fought on the world stage and the personal battles we face every day.

A time for rhymes

12:15pm Monday 10th September 2012

For Brighton-based teacher and poet Rachel Rooney, reigniting her childhood passion for writing had nothing to do with nostalgia.

Our city by the sea

3:34pm Monday 6th August 2012

So you think you know Brighton and Hove inside out? One man certainly does. Historian David Boyne has spent several months trawling through newspaper archives and poring over local reference books to find the most weird and wonderful facts about the area for his first book.

Until the end

9:00am Monday 26th March 2012

A muscled blue Minotaur is counting out 26 pills for a wheezing rhino connected to a canister of oxygen. So opens Brighton-based Aneurin (Nye) Wright’s epic Things To Do In A Retirement Home Trailer Park...

Best job in the world

8:40am Monday 27th February 2012

After almost 50 years in the same job, one might expect the novelty to have diminished somewhat. But Argus Appeal Patron Nick Owen admits he still gets a thrill from seeing his byline on a story, still “can’t understand”

Family Fiction

8:00am Monday 20th February 2012

Growing up in Zimbabwe, Fungi Woolnough-Murau spent many evenings sitting around a fire in her grandmother’s hut, listening to stories. “We were always encouraged to daydream and have fantasies,” she recalls, “to imagine other worlds and places far away.”

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